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In an effort to assist PIA members and others in the insurance industry, PIA's national office has put together the following resources to assist insurance professionals and consumers in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Sandy. If you'd like to suggest additional resources or alert us to a need you may have, please contact Pat Borowski, PIA National SVP of Government/Regulatory Affairs, at (703) 518-1360 or

The resources below are divided into the following subcategories:

  1. Insurance Technical, Regulatory, Instructions, Response
  2. Handling Disaster Recovery In Your Agency
  3. Important Things for Citizens to Remember in Disaster Aftermath and Recovery
  4. Suggested Changes/Actions for DOI Consideration
  5. Miscellaneous


Insurance Technical, Regulatory, Instructions, Response



All 2012 NFIP WYO Bulletins


NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12090 (Debris Removal)

NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12089 (Hurricane Deductibles)


NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12087 (Meteorological Event Sandy-Related Advance Payments Under Standard Flood Insurance Policies)

NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12086 (Meteorological Event Sandy and Its Remnants: Modified Handling of Claims with Prior Losses for One to Four Family Dwellings)


NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12085 (Substantially Damaged Structures)


FEMA has issued NFIP WYO Bulletin w-12082 (10/31/12) with NFIP FICO codes for states dealing with Sandy. At this time, please use the corresponding state code when filing NFIP claims. As things progress, NFIP will no doubt be revising these codes to reflect individual regions and communities.

Also being issued is w-12083 (11/1/12) that revises claims guidance for Sandy and provides a limited waiver of adjuster certification.

Jim Sadler, head of FEMA/NFIP Claims, told PIA in a conversation on 10/31/12 that proof of los is due within 60 days after the date of loss. They are, as usual, considering a limited waiver and extension of the proof of loss time requirement. All states and areas will be treated the same and there will be no difference between the WYO and the NFIP Direct Servicing Agent in their claims rules. Jim asked the we remind everyone that FEMA no longer supports the Single Adjuster Program because the liability is too great.

Information regarding FEMA emergency grants and SBA loan programs will be posted on We are not sure how quickly this site will be updated specifically for Sandy-related matters. However, it provides the kind of general guidance that many of our members may need as reference for themselves, their staff and their customers. We are in the process of requesting that FEMA/SBA consider a modified process (as they used under Katrina) to better assist persons that will file as a result of Sandy.

At the request of each state governor, the President issued federal disaster declarations for: WV, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, & RI and the amount of preliminary funds has been increased.

ACORD Forms:

Please see below the common ACORD CLAIMS forms that PIA is authorized to share with PIA members in the aftermath of CATs. If using these forms, please be sure to retain a copy for your agency's files. Old fashioned carbon paper will work if necessary. Staff can organize the claim forms per carrier and each can take a different carrier and be able to file multi-claims per call to carrier’s claims numbers.


Impacted PIA Affiliate Response Centers:


Carrier Memos:

  • Bankers Insurance Group (Bankers Specialty, Bankers Insurance & First Community Insurance Companies) : Claims Service Center: 800-765-9700 (phone), 877-541-4084 (fax),, PO Box 33061, St. Petersburg, FL  33733. Agents can report a loss online via and sign in under Agent Login. Consumers can report a loss online via and sign in under Customer Login.
  • Central Mutual Insurance Company: Claims related to Hurricane Sandy can be reported via the myCentral® website or by contacting Central’s Claims Services Department at 888-263-2924. For Glass Claims, please call Central's glass network at either 866-410-4753 or 800-988-9808. E-mail claims to Fax claims to the attention of Claims Services at 800-736-7026. In storm situations, Central’s contact standard is 24 to 48 hours. Memo to agents (11/2/12)
  • Erie Insurance:.Claims Reporting Instructions..Field Office Phone Numbers.
  • Harleysville: We remind you that property losses should continue to be reported to our central claims unit (CCU) either online via our corporate website or by phone at 800.892.8877. Flood claims should be reported by calling: 800.421.3535.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance:.Regional Claims Phone Numbers..Online Catastrophe Center.
  • Progressive: Customers affected by a local catastrophe can visit or call 1-800-776-4737 to report a claim 24/7. Claims are handled by catastrophe-trained specialists in our National Catastrophe Response Center. Agents needing assistance can call 1-877-776-2436. If a Progressive customer has a bill due, please encourage them to call us at 1-800-876-5581. We can help if they're concerned about maintaining their coverage, or need extra time to make a payment.
  • QBE Regional: Report claims at 888-737-8256 (phone), 888-723-2567 (fax),
  • The Hartford: To report a claim, visit us online or call 1-800-243-5860. To report a flood claim through The Hartford's National Flood Insurance Program, call 800-759-8656. Memo to impacted agents (10/30/12)
  • State Auto: Please forward all claims to the State Auto Contact Center via the web, fax (888-999-8095) or phone (800-766-1853) to allow the fastest service possible for affected insureds.
  • Travelers: Contact Pat Borowski of PIA National at 703-518-1360 or for a copy of the memo we have received regarding Travelers' claims operations.


Hurricane Deductibles:

We have received confirmation that CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VT have all issued bulletins reminding carriers that Sandy was reclassified from a CATEGORY 1 hurricane to a tropical storm by The National Weather Service before it reached landfall. Therefore, in these states, allowed hurricane deductibles may not be applied. Rather, the policy’s wind-related deductible and terms will apply.

We have also received confirmation that the Virginia Bureau of Insurance, however, is not issuing such a bulletin. This means that each carrier will make its own determination as to how they qualify and handle Sandy in Virginia.

Handling Disaster Recovery In Your Agency


If your agency location and/or phone number have temporarily changed, don't forget to put signage in front of your agency which includes your agency name, emergency claims location(s) and call-in phone numbers (which may be your cell numbers).

Important Things for Citizens to Remember in Disaster Aftermath and Recovery


Resources Agents May Give to Insureds:


Assistance Through FEMA and Other Governmental Agencies:

Assistance, both financial and otherwise, may be available to you, your colleagues, your insureds and others in your community who have been adversely affected by Sandy. The following two web pages are a good place to start your search. These pages will be updated frequently so don't forget to return to them periodically. Additional assistance may be offered through your state and local governments and charitable organizations.


State Websites and Resources:

Suggested Changes/Actions for DOI Consideration


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