Agency Journey Mapping

PIA and The PIA Partnership are proud to introduce Agency Journey Mapping, a perpetuation/succession planning program for current and future agency owners...and so much more!



What is Agency Journey Mapping?

Whether you are planning for the eventual sale of your agency, planning for the unexpected, or simply want to value your agency, PIA’s Agency Journey Mapping program will put you on the right path. We’ll help you understand the challenges and best practices of agency ownership transfer, so you can create a perpetuation/succession plan for your agency. And you’ll receive access to dozens of tools to help you do it.

But I'm not ready to sell my agency!

You make decisions every day that set the stage for your options long-term. Agency Journey Mapping helps you see the impact of your actions today on your agency’s value, ability to respond to new opportunities, and preparation for the unexpected. The program addresses succession and perpetuation planning. But it’s not only for agents headed for the exit. It’s so much more. It is designed to give agency owners – at every stage – control of their future by investing in a little planning today.

  • Step 1: Attend live or on-demand seminar.
  • Step 2: Access a library of resources.
  • Step 3: Develop a customized plan for YOUR agency.


Agency Journey Mapping is available on-demand and through live seminars in some locations.

ACCESS AGENCY JOURNEY MAPPING: Click on the appropriate link below to learn more about Agency Journey Mapping, purchase the on-demand program or request a live seminar be conducted near you.


LEARN MORE: View a Recorded Webinar About Agency Journey Mapping

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