What to Do If Your Car Is Stolen

Auto theft reaches a 10-year high.
What to Do If Your Car Is Stolen
March 31, 2021

David Glawe, president and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), says that 873,080 autos were reported as stolen in the U.S. last year, the highest rate of auto theft in the last 10 years. Glawe characterizes the rapid increase in unemployment and the scarcity of social services and outreach programs during the COVID-19 pandemic as the perfect storm for criminal activity.

Auto owners are advised to act quickly when they discover that their vehicle is missing to help law enforcement officers find the vehicle and return it to the owner safely. The next step to determine insurance coverage. The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) says that auto insurers charge an average of $134 per year for comprehensive insurance, which covers stolen vehicles. Owners are advised to check their policies to make certain they have the coverage, which is optional.

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