Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

In PIA's Blueprint for Agency Success.
March 16, 2021

Developing leadership skills and habits that sustain success requires consistent practice and solid strategy. Review the Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Change Management section in the Continuity Strategy Guide in the Blueprint for Agency Success to learn more about conducting strategic planning sessions and exploring and cultivating your leadership style.

The PIA Blueprint for Agency Success covers three sections:

  • Business Planning Guide to address insurance agency start-up considerations from formation of the business entity to insurance licensing to budgeting and finance to branding
  • Growth Strategy Guide to outline agency automation, producer development and operational policies, procedures, and workflows
  • Agency Continuity Guide with templates for business continuity planning, disaster planning, and leadership training

By following the advice outlined within the PIA Blueprint for Agency Success, you and your team can systematically grow and sustain your independent insurance agency.

PIA is currently distributing resources in a weekly format to your email. If you are eager to see all the guides, you can review the sections in order on the website, or feel free to jump around to the content you need.


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