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February 10, 2021

Making Remote Work for You and Your TeamFebruary 25, 2 PM ET.

A lot of organizations were thrust into remote work. There was no time for brainstorming sessions or planning meetings. We didn’t even have time to test the waters with a small group of people. Forget trial by error, it was just do. As a result, we are a little, or maybe a lot, Zoom weary. Or Teams weary, or GoToMeeting weary, or whatever virtual video tool you use to stay connected with your team. The question is, how do you overcome the challenges of remote work, like Zoom fatigue, to keep your team operating at maximum productivity and effectiveness? It is possible. And while some aspects of remote work might not be ideal, many organizations are seeing benefits in multiple areas of their business. Still, change is hard and getting used to running a team virtually has been a big shift for many of us. That’s okay; we are here now and we can make it work.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Learn how to keep the team engaged remotely.
  • Talk about techniques for onboarding remotely.
  • Discuss best practices for communicating virtually, despite Zoom fatigue.

This webinar is hosted by The Omnia Group and is free for PIA members only. Register.

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