Explore New Methods Of Recruiting With Winning@Talent

A PIA Partnership Program
March 10, 2021

Finding talent has never been easy – but today it’s more difficult than ever. Evolving employee expectations can make it difficult for agencies to find the people to hire with the skills they need. That’s why the PIA Partnership, PIA’s national carrier council, has created Winning@Talent.

Winning@Talent is a 3-part toolkit created specifically to help agencies understand how to best recruit in today’s talent marketplace, while enhancing the employee experience so that employees want to stay.

Part 1, Are You Ready to Recruit?, focuses on helping agencies assess their employer brand so they can see their agency the way prospective employees see their agency.

Part 2, Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring, focuses on sourcing potential hiring prospects, recruiting them into your agency and ultimately hiring them.

Part 3, Retaining Your Best Employees, focuses on how you can retain your best employees.

Get started Winning@Talent today at www.winningattalent.com.

Winning@Talent is brought to you by The PIA Partnership, a joint effort of leading insurance companies and PIA. Thank you to the members of The PIA Partnership: Encompass Insurance, Erie Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Met Life Auto & Home, National General Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Selective Insurance Group, State Auto Insurance Companies, The Hanover Insurance Group, Travelers, and West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.


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