The New World of No-Contact Disaster Claims

Insurers use technology to expedite claims during the coronavirus crisis.
October 14, 2020

Insurance companies not only have to keep their customers and employees safe, but also expedite claims in a time when natural disasters continue to cause significant damages and the COVID-19 pandemic has altered daily lives.

Forbes reports that some insurers have turned to technology, including drones, to allow adjusters to survey damage while remaining socially distant. The drones can provide a view of steep and complicated roofs without adjusters having to climb them. Insurers also can use low-flying planes and satellite images in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster if the area is restricted for visitors.

In addition, some insurers turn to artificial intelligence to help them better assess disaster damage. Others are connecting to policyholders on the phone, video chat, and using automated tools to obtain measurements. Some insurance companies also use electronic online payments through apps like Venmo and Zelle.

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