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May 27, 2020

Defining the New Norm: From Our Current Reality to the New Normal – June 9 at 2 PM ET.

Until recently, working remotely wasn’t an option, it was a necessity. To keep your organization in motion, a crisis strategy based on transitioning on-site workers to home offices was quickly, and perhaps roughly, established. But, crisis actions aren’t the new normal, they are temporary solutions to big problems. The new normal comes once we rise from the crisis and return to our lives pre-pandemic. So, what does that mean? What will your new normal look like?  Do you keep your workforce working remote or require them to report back to the office?  The workplace has evolved and as leaders we must adapt to keep employees engaged.

During this webinar, we’ll learn:

•           How to communicate new processes

•           Tips and tricks transitioning employees back into the office

•           The rules of engagement during the transition


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