PIA Member Benefits During Coronavirus: PIA DMV: PIA's Direct Marketing Vault

Enables PIA members to target homes on specific mail routes.
April 8, 2020

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to affect the way we do business, PIA is highlighting specific programs that may be useful to you right now. We hope this is helpful.

Why care about this now?Two separate realities make this worth a look. First, you may find yourself in a position where agency revenue is going to decline as a result of the global pandemic. Second, people are increasingly confined to their homes for the foreseeable future. As a result, they will be much more likely to see your agency messaging which the PIA DMV can put in their mailboxes and in digital ads delivered to devices in their homes. The PIA DMV can help you position your agency for success once the current crisis has ended.

What it is?PIA's Direct Marketing Vault enables PIA members to target homes on specific mail routes using the USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program. Through PIA’s online portal, PIA members can order turnkey marketing campaigns that combine postcard mailers and digital ads delivered to computers, tablets and smart phones to residents along the mail route. We’ve created a few designs for PIA members, but if you want to share your own message of hope during these trying times, our program partners can help you create a customized postcard for only $225. Learn more about the PIA DMV: PIA's Direct Marketing Vault.

You may also be interested in marketing your agency using PIA’s one-page, consumer-friendly issue papers or other tools in the PIA Branding Program.

To learn about other PIA member benefits, please refer to the 2020 PIA National Guide to Member Benefits.

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