Nine States Reopen ACA Enrollment

Part of fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.
March 25, 2020

At least nine U.S. states are offering their uninsured residents another opportunity to sign up for a health plan this year as they seek new ways to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic. The states have reopened their health insurance exchanges this month to help ease consumers’ concerns about the cost of health care so that the sick will not be deterred from seeking medical attention.

The states that have recently reopened exchanges — Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington — have more flexibility than most states to create a special enrollment period because they run their own health exchanges. Meanwhile, California has said that its exchange, which had been open for reasons unrelated to the outbreak, will continue to allow residents to enroll through June, and the District of Columbia is also allowing residents to sign up for coverage for reasons unrelated to the outbreak.

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