Learn More About the IdealTraits Hiring Tool

A PIA Member Webinar.
Learn More About the IdealTraits Hiring Tool
June 24, 2020

Many independent insurance agencies struggle to find top talent. PIA has partnered with IdealTraits to help solve this problem. IdealTraits is a platform tool that helps insurance agencies hire top performing sales and service staff. The tool helps with sourcing, recruiting, and hiring processes. If you are having trouble finding top talent, or you would like to improve your hiring strategy, IdealTraits may be the best solution for you. IdealTraits’ new PIA program ensures PIA members can use this comprehensive tool to hire top performers for their agencies.

Join PIA and IdealTraits for this webinar on Tuesday, June 30th at 1 PM ET to learn how to:

  • Post jobs for free on numerous online platforms
  • Track applicants in one place
  • Pre-screen candidates to predict job performance
  • Identify the right candidate and hire

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Want to learn more? Visit www.idealtraits.com/pia.

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