Interoffice Dynamics: Sales vs. Service

How to see differences as a positive rather than a negative.
August 25, 2020

Are there times your office feels like a war zone instead of a team working together to reach common goals? It happens, even to the best of teams.


For example, your hard-charging producers don’t get why the persnickety service team asks so many questions. I mean who cares that I missed a field on the application?! Your supportive, detailed service team can’t understand why the bossy salespeople are so unorganized and last minute with everything. I wouldn’t have to quiz you like a game show host if you gave me all the information to begin with! And no matter which department you’re in, you’re stuck wondering, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Sound familiar?


Yet, the very differences that contribute to those annoyances are what allows each side to align so well with their respective jobs. The hard part is getting everyone to understand why we are the way we are (and why that’s a good thing!), so that we can begin to see those differences as a positive rather than a negative.

Join us on October 14 at 2 PM EST for Omnia’s PIA members-only webinar. We’ll cover how self-awareness can be used to break down communication barriers and reduce misunderstandings. We’ll also discuss ways to appreciate and even celebrate our differences in the workplace to create team synergy and effectiveness.

You’ll walk away understanding the dynamics necessary for sales and service to work together effectively and how those dynamics can collectively make an unstoppable team. Click here to register.

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