How to Quickly Identify and Avoid Hiring Sales Phonies

How many times have you hired an “order taker” when you really needed an “order maker”?
September 9, 2020

Hiring strong producers who actually go out and produce is one of the toughest tasks many agency owners and sales managers face. How many times have you hired an “order taker” when you really needed an “order maker”?  We’ve all hired someone who did great in their interview, only to have their “all-talk-no-action” twin appear just a short time later. It can be easy to mistake social confidence with competitive drive. Using the power of behavioral data, we can show you how to improve your selection process and weed out the reactive order takers.

Consistently successful sales personalities have two key traits in common – assertiveness and resilience. Assertive, resilient personality types are comfortable proactively seeking out new opportunities, pushing past obstacles to get to the close, and brushing off disappointments to move on to the next lead.

Beyond those key traits, you can also identify the sales style of every candidate using personality science. The Omnia assessment measures communication style and pace, along with assertiveness and resilience.

In September’s PIA members-only webinar, you’ll learn how to separate true salespeople from fast talkers who can’t close. This presentation is designed to increase your results and efficiency in building a dynamic sales force. Learn how to create an interview strategy and use interactive role playing, as well as how to ask behavioral questions and not settle for vague answers. We’ll also provide prescreening tips and ways to enhance listening skills. A convenient interview question handout is also included.

Join us on September 16 at 2pm EST and avoid hiring sales phonies!

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