FL Agency Reps Cleared to Work Remote

Directive allows CSRs to work outside the agency.
March 17, 2020

Under Florida law, certain licensed insurance employees are required to conduct business from their agency offices. In the wake of Florida's state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis issued a directive allowing Florida agency customer service representatives to conduct business outside of a licensed agency.

The order states, "In order to afford flexibility to licensees who are quarantined or whose offices are subject to closure due to the COVID-19, the Department of Financial Services will not enforce provisions of [Florida Statutes] until May 8, unless this order is extended by subsequent Directive of the Chief Financial Officer."

The law, enacted in 1990, applies to people who have a Florida 4-40 Resident Customer Service Representative license. It allows salaried employees of insurance agents or agencies in Florida to transact insurance business under the supervision of a licensed and appointed general lines agent.

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