Earthquake Insurance a Good Idea Even in North Carolina

Aug. 9 earthquake in Sparta, North Carolina.
August 11, 2020

Although events like the Aug. 9 earthquake in Sparta are rare in North Carolina, they underscore the need for earthquake insurance. “The homeowner needs to realize the damages will not be covered at all unless you have earthquake coverage,” said North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.

Earthquakes are among the types of damage not covered by a standard homeowners policy, requiring a special rider for an extra fee. “They’re really not that expensive,” said Causey. He noted, “When this earthquake hit on Sunday, according to [the U.S. Geological Survey], North Carolina had already experienced 10 earthquakes within the last 30 days.” However, Causey said many homeowners in the area of the quake are out of luck. “Unfortunately, most of the ones I've heard about in Allegheny County did not have earthquake coverage,” he explained.


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