Defining the New Norm

From Our Current Reality to the New Normal
June 3, 2020

Until recently, working remotely wasn’t a necessity, it was an option. To keep your organization in motion, a crisis strategy based on transitioning on-site workers to home offices was quickly, and perhaps roughly, established. But, crisis actions aren’t the new normal; they are temporary solutions to big problems. The new normal comes once we rise from the crisis and return to our lives pre-pandemic. So, what does that mean? What will your new normal look like?  Do you keep your workforce working remote or require them to report back to the office?  The workplace has evolved, and leaders must adapt to keep employees engaged.

Join the Omnia team for a free webinar on June 9 at 2:00 PM ET. as they discuss the evolving workplace and how to keep employees engaged.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate new processes
  • Tips and tricks transitioning employees back into the office
  • The rules of engagement during the transition

The Omnia Profile—a PIA Member Benefit

For years PIA has recommended The Omnia Profile® behavioral assessment product. It provides managers and agency owners with incredibly accurate assessments of their producers’ assets and liabilities and is a critical tool for agency owners who plan to hire new agency personnel.

The quick, online, instant report offers clear, easy-to-understand language to acquire objective insight into how compatible an existing or prospective employee is with a job, a work culture and a management approach. The more in-depth custom profile can spell out what motivates each unique individual on your team, and whether you need to tweak strategies to improve the sales-to-close ratio.

When first contacting Omnia, PIA members receive a free online, instant assessment or a free custom assessment of an agency employee or prospective employee. Plus, if you buy a package of Omnia Profiles you’ll receive one free.

Get started on your track to success today by calling The Omnia Group at 800-525-7117 or email and be sure to tell them you are a PIA member.

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