Creating a Sales Culture: Coaching CSRs to Sell

Understanding the CSR Personality.
January 28, 2020

Your CSRs are efficient, thorough, and solve problems with a smile, but could they be doing more to help develop business? After all, they speak to your clients every day, all day. It’s the perfect backdrop for capitalizing on increased revenue opportunities. But how do you make that work?

Understanding the CSR Personality: “I’m Not a Salesperson!”

Omnia’s research shows that the ideal CSR personality is:

  • Helpful and risk-averse
  • Analytical and practical
  • Patient and methodical
  • Compliant and conscientious

The ideal sales personality is pretty much the exact opposite, leading one to believe that one could never do the work of the other.

There’s undeniable truth to that sentiment, of course, but Omnia’s research shows your top CSRs can be coached to sell, but it all depends on how you sell them on the idea.

Your CSRs are most likely uncomfortable with the thought of selling. They enjoy their role as behind-the-scenes advisors and intensely dislike the idea of “pushing” product. One “no” is all it takes for them to consider the deal dead. Rejection is the ultimate confidence buster!

Traditional sales incentives, such as monetary bonuses, probably won’t help to change their mind either, at least not for the long haul.

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