CA Officials Revise Plans to Cope With Multiple Disasters

"Regular" disasters in the era of COVID-19
April 15, 2020

State and local officials in California are revising evacuation plans developed for earthquakes, floods, mudslides and wildfires so they can proceed should a disaster occur during the coronavirus pandemic. Kim Zagaris, who long served as fire and rescue chief for the California Office of Emergency Services, has come out of retirement to help with the planning.

One of the challenges Zagaris faces is developing guidelines for responsibilities of both local and state authorities. Scott McLean, spokesman for CalFire, said that the department will call on residents to continue following guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued for the pandemic the best they can while they evacuate, including remaining at least six feet apart, using hand sanitizer and washing their hands frequently.

State Insurance Departments COVID-19 Update — Interactive Map( 4/15/20)

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