Agent to Agent: Getting More Testimonials from Your Clients

By Ed Gillman
Gillman Insurance

Here at Gillman Insurance our testimonials are a point of pride. In fact, 93% of our customers are happy to be with us! We’ve done the math. So, how do we encourage our clients to not only give us a testimonial, but allow us to post their testimonials online?

There are a few simple tactics to use. Here’s what we suggest:

Tactic #1. The phone call.

Hold a training session with all agents and producers about how to solicit a testimonial when speaking to clients in person or over the phone. Give them a simple script to use.

When a client calls or an agent calls a client and makes the client obviously happy, your agents should instinctively say something like, “We’re thrilled to have made you a happy customer. In fact, customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. Would you mind allowing me to write down your testimonial and put it on our website?” The worst a client can do is say no. And it’s no harm, no foul.

Tactic #2. Ask your best clients.

We all have rock star clients. You know them as your raving fans. Consider asking them to write a testimonial for your website. Since you’ve already made them extremely happy, most of them won’t mind helping you out.

If they are having trouble coming up with the right words, consider asking them some prepared questions such as: What was their experience with insurance before they started working with your agency? What specific results did they get as a result of the relationship with your agency?

Conducting an interview of sorts will put them at ease and take the pressure off them compiling a testimonial if they are unsure of their writing skills. The end result could be better, more convincing testimonials to share.

Tactic #3. Promote your testimonials online.

We’ve got a graphic on the homepage of our website letting all web visitors know that we’re proud of the fact that 93% of our clients are happy with our services. If they click on the graphic it takes web visitors to our testimonial page.

Alternatively, we also link to our testimonial page from our social media networks every time we get a new testimonial. This has, on occasion, resulted in a new client coming forward with a testimonial to include!

Ed Gillman is the Lead Problem Solver at Gillman Insurance, a Georgia-based insurance agency specializing in Atlanta homeowners insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and nonprofit insurance.

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