Agent to Agent: How Your Agency Can Use Twitter to Engage Your Local Community

By Daniel W. Post, CIC
Post Insurance Services

Is your agency on Twitter? The behemoth social network—boasting a steady stream of ever-flowing, bite-sized bits of information—gains more and more popularity with individuals and businesses alike by the day. Indeed, Twitter is an extremely useful tool for local businesses, including your insurance agency, to take advantage of, as it is much more versatile than many give it credit for upon first glance. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your agency can utilize Twitter to connect with your “followers” in the local community.

Understand What to Tweet

Many business owners don’t understand that Twitter is multi-functional and does not always have to be used for news or opinions. In fact, Twitter is an extremely versatile social media tool that can be used for things like promotions, fun fact, featured products, business news and announcements, contests, and community engagement and partnership. Get creative, but be sure that what you are tweeting is useful for your “followers”—soon-to-be customers—and is relevant to growing your brand. You may also want to tweet applicable videos and other medium, as well as links to important sources and your own agency’s blog! After all, Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Understand How to Tweet

Tweets are only 140 characters long, and each tweet should be a useful and intentional bit of information that will help or inform your target audience – a tweet from your agency should not be simply a nonsensical bit of “fluff.” Instead, get your business on a schedule with tweeting. For example, try advice with “Tuesday Tips,” or maybe promotional giveaways with “Winner’s Wednesdays.” Find what works for your agency, and stay consistent.

Understand When to Tweet

It is a good practice to tweet regularly, at least once or twice a day, to maximize your engagement with the community. Additionally, you can utilize your tweets to tie in with local events and help to grow your brand. Say, for example, your community is hosting a charity run, a career or education fair, or some other local event that will attract the attention of your target demographic. This will be a good time to utilize Twitter to connect with those people who already have an interest in the event that is being held. Hashtags are a useful way to add to a conversation – for instance, using something like “#communityfundraiser” in a tweet can be a great way for anyone else who is talking about the community fundraiser on Twitter to see that your agency is also talking about the event and is in touch with the community’s goings-on. Not to mention, you’ve just exposed new potential customers to your brand through a 140-character tweet.

Twitter’s simplicity can often be taken for granted or under-utilized if your agency doesn’t know how to properly market itself. However, knowing what, how, and when to tweet can help you greatly in growing your brand and gaining more followers, exposure, and business!

Post Insurance Services is a second generation, family-owned independent insurance agency based out of Torrance, California. Daniel Post is the president of the agency. He’s been in the insurance business for over 30 years. He uses his experience and expertise to take the mystery and headache out of insurance for clients.

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