Agent to Agent: Tips for Developing an Effective Employee Training Program

By Charlie Downey
Downey Insurance Agency

When it comes to the long-term success of your insurance agency, hiring and retaining the right employees should be at the top of the list. You may understand the process of hiring, but once you have your dream team set in place, how can you be sure they are consistently staying ahead of changes in the insurance industry and with the ways in which the modern consumer purchases insurance?

Employee training.

For many agencies, implementing an effective employee training program may be on the “to-do” list; but it can be difficult to get to with all of the daily responsibilities and activities that are taking place. However, having a clear understanding of agency goals, individual responsibilities and roles, and the success of the sales force you have in place is essential to your agency’s survival in the modern age.

We recommend you start with an employee training program to be sure all of the rest falls into place. Here are some ways to define your program:

  1. Define your agency’s needs and goals. This includes short-term and long-term sales goals, performance goals and even career goals for your employees.
  2. Identify where in their career each of your employees are. This will help you determine who needs more training than others, what kind of training your agents require and where the gaps are in your agency’s needs.
  3. Brainstorm training module ideas with all senior agents and talk with other local agencies you may know about their training.
  4. Implement a training program that is successive and relay that information to employees.

We recommend you start every new employee with the same training and have everyone meet a goal and then go from there for more advanced training.

Once you have all of your employees consistently on the same page, you will notice increased motivation, morale and productivity – and all of that breeds success for your agency. What more could you ask for?

Charlie Downey is the president at Downey Insurance Agency and has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry. After more than 70 years at its Massachusetts location, Downey expanded and opened offices in New Hampshire and Vermont. They are dedicated to serving the coverage needs of individuals, families and business all across New England.

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