Agent to Agent: Adapting Your Agency to Target Modern Consumers

By Ed Gillman
Gillman Insurance

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing industry, it’s essential for an agency to adapt as consumer buying habits change. Resisting change, or simply doing the same things you have been doing for the past ten years, will limit the success of your agency. While certain processes and tools may have been adequate in the past, failure to adapt to changes in technology or consumer buying habits will quickly hurt your agency’s business.

Is your agency adapting in order to target modern consumers? Find out by answering these questions:

  • Is your website easy to navigate and informative?
  • Is your website mobile compatible?
  • Do you have accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.?
  • Are your team members trained on customer service, handling difficult phone calls, and other communication techniques?
  • Do you actually interact with customers and prospects via social media?
  • Are your agents familiar with these technologies?
  • Does your team make an effort to respond as quickly as possible to customers or prospects?
  • Are you utilizing email marketing campaigns?
  • Does your agency have a blog?
  • Can you sell a policy, set up a new customer, provide a quote, or process a claim without ever having to meet face-to-face?
  • Does your agency understand industry best practices for sales, marketing, etc?

If you didn’t answer “Yes!” to all of these questions, your agency may not be adapting enough in order to meet the needs of modern consumers. In such a competitive industry, the success of your agency may rely on how willing your team is to adapt to these changes. The bottom line is that there is no point in continuing with the same processes your agency has been doing in the past in order to get new leads if prospective customers are doing different things now!

Ed Gillman is the Lead Problem Solver at Gillman Insurance, a Georgia-based insurance agency specializing in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and nonprofit insurance.

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