Agency Owners: 3 Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

If your agency is sending out emails without putting thought into the subject line, you’re wasting your time and probably not writing effective emails...

By Bob Mucci
Wolpert Insurance

If your agency is sending out emails without putting thought into the subject line, you’re wasting your time and probably not writing effective emails. Unfortunately, a poor subject line will not only result in recipients not opening the message but it can actually cause your emails to be labeled as spam. Once marked as spam, your emails will be trapped in the recipient’s spam folder and won’t make it to their main inbox. If your agency sends out emails to your current clients or prospects, creating better subject lines will really go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Here are 3 tips for writing effective emails:

  • Avoid certain words that sound “spammy”, especially in the subject line of the message. Anything that is worded in a way that typical spam emails would be written will trigger anti-spam filters of email servers. For example, try not to include: “#1,” “Affordable,” “Free,” “Please read,” “Best price,” “Claims,” “Solution” or “Save money.” If your agency is using any of these words, your emails may not even be reaching your audience!
  • Include a “call to action” or action verbs. A call to action is a crucial marketing concept that basically encourages the reader to take an action of some sort, usually to help reach the marketer’s objective. Using action verbs will not only make the message stand out more in their inbox, but it will also encourage the reader to follow through with the action you want them to take. Consider utilizing phrases such as: “Sign up,” Learn” or “Find out.”
  • Have a clear objective. Before writing an email, stop and ask yourself, “What is this email trying to accomplish?” Once you have chosen the specific goal of the email, you will have a better idea of who the email should be sent to, how to word the email and subject line, which call to action to include, etc. Sending out emails with no clear objective won’t offer any value to your agency or your marketing efforts.

If your agency is currently sending out emails to customers or prospects and is not following these guidelines, it’s time to revamp your emails! Writing effective emails isn’t as hard as you may think. Just by following simple steps such as these, you can create more compelling emails that will actually reach the intended recipients, entice them to take an action of some sort and will hopefully achieve your agency’s marketing objectives.

Bob Mucci is the VP of Massachusetts-based Wolpert Insurance. As a leading local insurance agency, Wolpert Insurance specializes in providing Massachusetts insurance consumers with reliable commercial trucking insurance, moving and storage coverage, livery insurance, garage insurance and effective risk management solutions.

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